“Empowering the Next Generation of Problem Solvers”
 In today’s world, scientific literacy is more important than ever before.  Solutions to global issues such as climate change, energy conservation, and population growth require citizens to have a basic understanding of scientific principles and processes.  Furthermore, the work place is increasingly valuing employees who are good problem solvers and decision makers.  Through our curriculum and instruction, we strive to empower our students to be informed citizens as well as competitive in the global marketplace. 
Students engage in scientific inquiry in a manner that promotes high-level cognitive thought and keen problem solving skills.  Our curriculum also emphasizes the importance of team work, critical thinking, discovery, and experimentation. We recognize the unique nature of all learners and utilize a variety of instructional practices to meet the needs of our students.  

Michael Lamantia
Division Chair

Kelly O'Malley
Division Assistant - Science

Sandy Joy
Administrative Assistant