Special Education

Reavis High School’s Special Education Department provides all students a free and appropriate public education. We recognize that each student learns in a unique way. Reavis offers a continuum of services, ensuring students are receiving instructional supports while maintaining high academic and behavioral standards. Students’ individual needs as outlined in their Individual Education Plans (IEP) are met given a variety of instructional practices including co-teaching supports, cross categorical classes, emotional and behavioral interventions through the RAM Academy Program, the Instructional Skills program, as well as special education resource homerooms. It is the responsibility of this multi-disciplinary team to determine the most appropriate educational placement in the least restrictive environment. Student’s parents serve as team members with the school in determining eligibility for and provision of special education services. The Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) outlines the student’s goals and may provide other related services such as social work, psychological, speech language, school health, counseling, occupational therapy, physical therapy, hearing, vision, and or transportation services.  We strive to improve areas of deficit and monitor students growth through data based decision making. 
Our students are encouraged to become Responsible and Engaged Rams by participating in academics, athletics or activities offered within the school community.  Students are taught by caring teachers who provide engaging and authentic learning opportunities that promote self-advocacy skills. The Special Education Department is committed to providing a supportive environment in which our students have access to rigorous curriculum where each student can achieve academic, social, emotional, vocational, and life skills. Our goal is for all students to become self-aware, self-advocating and independent learners.

Michael LaMantia ​
Division Chair Special Education and ELL

Leslie Schall
Director of Special Education

Nicole Ficaro
Division Assistant - Special Education

Kathy Klenn 
Administrative Assistant