Letter from the Superintendent

Dear Reavis Rams:

I know I speak for the entire Reavis Family when I say how unnerved and shaken we all were, along with our great nation, with the horrific events that occurred in Parkland, Florida last Wednesday.  Let us never forget how unfortunate it is that we have to think and plan for these types of events.  There is nothing more important to me, the Board of Education, and the entire Reavis community, than the safety and security of our students and staff.

As most of you know, we have many safety support systems in place at Reavis High School, which are too long to list, but I can assure you they are extensive and comprehensive.  Like most high schools, we perform annual drills to make sure our staff and students know exactly what to do if there were any kind of an emergency during the school day.  I want to encourage everyone (students, staff, and parents) to continue to use the phrase “see something, say something” on a regular basis.  It is also extremely important to note that our relationships with our student body is paramount.  This has been proven, time and time again, to be the best way to gather important information, so we can intervene before a situation escalates.  We will continue to foster these positive relationships with our students and will live each and every day fulfilling Reavis's Vision Statement of “Promoting a Student-Centered Environment!.”

Always remember, and I realize it can be difficult at times, WE will be the Calm Ones, the Protectors, the Empathizers, the Consolers, and the Patriots for our students.  You should always take our lead in being the eyes and ears to any threat against our school, and you have my word, that keeping us safe and secure on a daily basis is in on my mind 24/7.

Have a great weekend, and I know you will share my thoughts and prayers for the victims of this terrible tragedy, as well as the entire Parkland, FL community and specifically, Stoneman Douglas High School.  Let's also give some hope that our state and federal leaders will come together and set aside the polarized political spectrums, so we can compromise on what we can do as a nation to finally say this type of tragedy will NEVER happen again.  I welcome you to join me in not succumbing to the feelings or rhetoric that this cannot be changed or solved.  Until it is, we will do everything in our power to make Reavis a safe, secure, and positive school institution.


Dr. Riordan