Message from the Superintendent

Dear Reavis Rams:
After talking to several students and staff members about school safety over the past several weeks, I have decided it would be prudent to schedule a Lockdown Drill next week, before we go on Spring Break.  The Administrative Team, along with other staff members, are in the planning stages of the drill and will release the detailed information (date, time, instructions, etc.) on Monday, March 26th.  As we head into the weekend, I once again ask that we all stay vigilant in keeping our eyes and ears open, continue to talk and listen to our students, be aware of your surroundings at all times, review our school and classroom safety procedures, and most importantly…if you SEE Something, please SAY Something.
Reavis is and always has been a very safe school.  As a reminder, listed are just some of the several safety procedures we have in place with the hope it brings some peace of mind to you and our school community:
  • All exterior doors are locked daily by 8:05am and remained locked until at least 3:05pm.  The only way to get in the building between 8:05 and 3:05 is to be buzzed through the Main Lobby.
  • All visitors need to present an ID when arriving at Reavis.  That ID is scanned through a state and nation-wide data base.  All visitors need to wear a lanyard with their scanned ID attached.
  • All visitors are escorted to and from offices.  There should never be visitors walking the building by themselves.
  • Most of the first floor windows are covered with a Clear Armor Shield Guard to protect any bullet or other threatening objects from penetrating them.  We also have installed this same type of shield to all the first floor classroom door windows.
  • All handles and locks on classroom doors can be locked from the inside.
  • We have over 120 cameras that cover the entire campus, both inside and outside.
  • At any given time, we have 3-4 armed Burbank Police Officers (current and/or retired) on campus. 
As we prepare for the Lockdown Drill next week, let’s never forget how unfortunate it is that we have to plan for such events, but it is our reality, and we will do everything in our power to make sure our Reavis Rams are ready for any threat that might come our way.  Staying calm, relying on each other, and always being prepared is the best way that our Reavis Family will continue to be safe and secure.
Have a great weekend and as stated, I will send more details about the drill that will be held later next week on Monday.
Dr. Riordan