Inspire Club

Inspire is technically a club, but we view ourselves as a movement.  We are actively learning information to help ourselves and the people around us move our way of thinking in a more positive direction, which will then help move people into action that will change our world for the better.
We meet once a month to learn about a positive message.  All the information we teach is backed up by positive psychology research.  This is an important element because the science behind the information helps the student speak in an educated manner about the message.  The science also explains how that concept can physically and mentally help their brains and bodies.  Students think of how they can internalize the message, then come up with ways to pass on the message to their families, friends, the school, community, and the world. 
We also have one culminating event at the end of every month to further spread and celebrate that month’s message. 
Our themes for the year
August/September:             Be Here. Be Kind.
October:                              Letting Go of Negativity
November/December:         Give and Be Grateful
January:                              Healthy Living
February:                            Loving and accepting yourself and others
March:                                 It’s Not Luck; It’s a Choice…Choosing Happiness
April:                                    Respecting the Earth

Sponsors:   Lisa Stanich / Bernie Poulos